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Huma Yasin is a Muslim lawyer, writer, activist, avid vegetable gardener, wife, and mother of four. Much of her writing focuses on the intersectionality of religion, law, and politics. Her forthcoming non-fiction, entitled Conspiracy: The True Story of the Fort Dix Five, recreates a sixteen-month sting in which the FBI employed two informants with sordid, criminal backgrounds to entrap five Muslim men on conspiracy charges.

Yasin is also the co-founder and serves as chair of the board of Facing Abuse in Community Environments (FACE), a Dallas-based non-profit designed to protect victims of abuse perpetrated by members of the Muslim clergy and leaders of Muslim-based institutions. Additionally, she serves on the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Yasin has published articles in law journals concerning Title VII and religious liberty in the workplace as well as international humanitarian law. More recently she’s published OpEds on various topics in the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Hill, Truthout, TRT News, and Garnet News.